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“Solar Power + Additional Energy”

PV-operated “Mini-Smart Grid” depending on the desired custom performanc, wich depends on integrated smart monitoring and operating software

Fast amortization of charging stations

Various functions and applications with value for your customers and visitors.
A few examples would be a bench and some lockers (package pick-up stations) additional an info screen technology to do everything by themselves

Citizen Information + participation

City information and traffic control via energy-efficient devices, LED lighting and free wifi hotspots

Integrate particulate matter reduction equipment devices

Different air improvement through stationary filter systems, wich
generates the self-produced electricity

Build a small “power plant” with sustainable environmental technology that cares for itself!

Your Station-I: (I stands for the information, individualism, infrastructure, innovation, interactive civilization, intelligent system integrations and much more) isn’t just a charging station company! The Station-i is for your custom use. You can take it as canopy for bicycles, electric cars and much more fields of application. The Station-i also contains additional components, wich allow refinancing

You pay & operate

You contact us and we work out, how to refinance your station in the best way. Our Project Managers plan everything for you and if you wish, we can take care of the entire operation management. In addition, you will receive free software updates for free.

We pay & operate

Your business: just offer us a place and we will pay a fee or you'll be involved in the revenue of the Station-i! In any case you will win - Your place is going to be a highlight and the construction is completely free for you . We take care of the maintenances, we gonna to filling the machines and all other work, what else is coming

You and us together

They finance the Station-i and we provide a lucrative place for you. We take care of the completely conception and we will work together as partners. You can also bring in a third party investor. The revenues are distributed fairly - in any case!

Experience in public space

The complete system, in addition to the use of solar power, unites the most helpful and for the operator (municipalities, cities, land, companies, utilities, transport companies etc.) the most lucrative offers, applications and functional components. The individual components are combinable in a modular manner and already prepared for connection and operation. 

Das System

The organization is a essential aspect of the Station-i. We go through all the topics together and you decide the next steps.


Of course, we advise you fully and competently on your way to the Station-i.


The production is your start for your own Station-i. The previous planning is the cornerstone for a successful Station-i.


If everything is planned, produced and delivered, we start with the mounting. You can lean back and watch your mobility station emerge.


What are you waiting for?

Start with the refinancing of your charging station.

Through the operation of a LCD screen, a citylight and the operational management of a machine there are plenty of possibilities for the amortization of the whole system!


Your own electricity filling station

The modular solution, you always been waiting for!

A station-i does not need employees or much space - throws off high returns and is a highlight! We are unique -> Go for it!

Design your own Station-i

Station-i: A step in the right direction. Choose a sustainable future. 

The mobility station of the future

You want to know if your location is suitable? Together we analyze the possibilities you have with a station. Contact us and we will arrange an appointment to get the best yield possible out of your station. 

After you took a decision regarding your location, we’ll visit you and take a look at the planning. The visit takes place directly on site and we are going to discuss all relevant data. 

Have you chosen a location for your charging station, the visit was useful and you would like to build your own Station-i? Then, in this step, it’s time to check on the installed modules. We advise you honestly and competently which modules you can buy, to achieve the highest possible and sustainable profit at your location.  

If the planning turns out successful and the location is safe, it’s time for the production. The desired modules are going to be manufactured, delivered and assembled. Of course, you will get provided with all the relevant information.