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These are our work areas:

We work in the following disciplines

Simply everything from a single source as system integrator 

Basic system:

For your own station first of all you’ll need the basic structure. Our locksmiths will produce your individual Station-i.  

Functional components: 

We offer you a variety of functional components. Whether you are searching for multi-purpose machines, lockers, charging stations or screens – feel free to contact us.  


On request, the LCD screen of the Station-i presents you a complete view of the management with all relevant figures, data and facts. This way you are always aware of all processes. 

Our current requests:

In this chart you can see an approximate distribution of requests submitted to us. Currently 45% of the planned Station-I systems are mobility stations. Another 25% are expected to be used as e-charging stations. The remaining 30% will be serving as public transportation waiting rooms.  

E-charging stations: 25% 0
Public transportation waiting rooms: 0
Mobility stations: 0
Tobias Maurus

Owner and Developer

Executive Officer
Simone Schuhmacher

Management Assistant

Holger Breitmeier

Projectmanagement, Business Development

STAI Creator
Evgeniy Mikhalevich

Head of Software and Blockchain (Gesellschaft für Testverfahren mbH)

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