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The STAI is the digital cryptocurrency of Station-i. The goal of the STAI is to offer discounted or even free electricity, food and beverages worldwide at any Station-i, for any STAI cardholder. More detailed information can be found under memberships.


The STAI Card is both an RFID card and a hard wallet for the cryptocurrency STAI. No one but you has access to your STAI Card and any number of addresses can be created within the account. Members receive all the unlimited benefits and services from our whitepaper. (to be published soon)


At every Station-i and at all participating partners of Zuweso GmbH, the STAI is accepted as a means of payment. Depending on the exchange rate and the current community assets, the prices at the Station-i locations will be reduced proportionally to the demand or will be omitted completely.

The cryptocurrency of the station-i

*Short version:

The majority of all STAI revenue goes to cover the cost of electricity, food and beverages for all members and the construction of new Station-i mobility stations to cover all services worldwide. If the STAI revenue is greater than the costs incurred, the purchase price is waived. If the revenue is lower, you will be charged and the STAI card member will only pay the difference between the cost transfer from the community wallet and the actual purchase price. The payment can be made with a debit / credit card, as well as through the STAI. All STAI-Card Members are qualified to use the services of the STAI-Community to the extent required, provided they have made at least 10 transactions in the last 30 days. This includes, in particular, discounted or free electricity, food and beverages at the Station-i mobility stations for the end user. STAI is a Chia Network Fork and is compatible to Chia Plots.

Community Premine 0
Premine for construction and development 0
Farmer Block Rewards 0
Community Block Rewards 0
Anticipated electricity cost absorption by STAI community wallet after launch. 0

Ongoing revenue into the official wallets

STAI-Card Members

Vorteile Basic Premium VIP
Discounted or free electricity
Discounted or free drinks
Discounted or free food
No 10 transactions necessary
Exclusive STAI apps
Fee-free trading and pool farming
Waiver of cooperation partner license fees
Many other exclusive advantages

The STAI Card is expected to be offered 12 months after STAI release. Be sure to let us know when that time comes. Our newsletter subscribers receive an exclusive 25% lifetime discount on their STAI Card membership:



The STAI premine is essential to the success and implementation of the STAI. We are not enriching ourselves with this, we are driving the project forward and ensuring that we can offer free electricity, food and beverages at existing Station-i sites immediately after STAI implementation. The premine will be voted by the community!


25% STAI from Premine goes directly into the community wallet to cover electricity, beverages, and food with needs proportional.


15% STAI from the Premine will be used to build new Station-i mobility stations. This includes in particular the costs of building sites, building materials, photovoltaic systems, vending machines, lockers, assembly and, of course, structural engineers and other staff.


10% STAI from the Premine will go towards developing the blockchain and connecting the hardware with interfaces to the network for real-time calculation of the community wallet cost transfer, for ensuring functionality and for integrating new apps and other software.


10% STAI from the Premine go to the marketing department to introduce the STAI to the media, create press releases, and promote the STAI


10% STAI from the premine will go to the investors, patent holders and founders to cover costs to date and unforeseen expenses.


10% STAI from the Premine goes to contributors who offered great help for free and without whom STAI would never have gotten this far.


5% STAI from the premine goes to the cost of distribution to acquire new cooperation partners and licensees.


10% STAI from the Premine will be used to thank and involve the Head of Online Marketing, idea creator and conceptualizer of STAI.


5% STAI from the premine is used to cover other costs incurred. These include legal costs, transitory items, pre-investments and other miscellaneous liabilities.


The STAI-Card is like a wallet with extended functions. Your STAI’s are stored on the deposited address (wallet). Synchronization with the network takes place within a few milliseconds each time you use it. When you pay at a Station-i, depending on your membership, the system checks which services you are entitled to. If there is more money/STAI in the Communiy-Wallet than you need for your purchase, the STAI will do the purchase for you and you pay nothing. You can fill up, drink and – depending on your membership – eat something. That’s the best case scenario! What about when there is not enough STAI to cover the anticipated expenses of the community members? In that case, counterbalance. What are the projected revenues from the blocks, STAI Exchange platform, and other community cash flows? If there is a 50% deficit, then you are still only paying 50% for your electricity. Other Station-i visitors, of course, pay full rates. The rate of the STAI is based on supply and demand.

The basic equipment includes the (photovoltaic) roof, the bench seat and a DC fast charging station for electric vehicles. But the Station-i is much more. It is modular and brings along what is missing on site. Here is an overview of some Station-i components:

Payment with your STAI’s, once available, can either be made directly through your STAI card or simply use your online wallet. A brief tutorial on this will follow shortly. It is quite simple and quick. Transaction fees are low and transfers are completed within seconds. No matter where in the world the recipient is located.

Currently, the STAI is not yet traded. Therefore, it is not possible to say how much 1 STAI is actually worth. The higher its price, the more STAI can pay from the community wallet. Trade STAI, tell about it, give away memberships to people from all over the world. This is how the STAI becomes successful together with the Station-i and enables free electricity, food and drinks all over the world!